Roadtrip recap

Just got home from a rocket run to Las Vegas.

I flew out yesterday at noon to be with Lou on a video shoot at Sam Boyd Stadium. We walked the stadium floor praying for God to fill it. Standing on the 50 yard line, looking past the scoreboard into the desert had a powerful affect on me. By the time we headed for the rental car, we'd decided to reposition the stage for The Call Las Vegas. Rather than playing to half the stadium, we're going to play from the end to the whole place. Forty thousand seats + the field. It seems only fitting in a city known for it's excesses.

Post video shoot, we ran to the hotel to drop our bags and then to ICLV, where the music was already rocking. The worship band at this place is completely off the hook and actually tears the handseat off the stinking wall. We walked in a side door to find the place hopping - literally! The auditorium was jammed. ICLV is wonderfully multicultural, but it would appear that an ability to dance is a prerequisite or something.

Before he spoke Lou had me share our adoption story - it was very cool to see Dee, the social worker who first called us about Zoe - sitting in the front row!

After the service we sat in the green room until long after midnight their time...we were dragging when we got back to the hotel! This morning we got up and met to hammer out some strategy for the days to come before hanging out a bit with Banning Liebscher. I'd never met him before but immediately decided he is very cool and very humble.

This morning's pastor's meeting was absolutely killer. They'd pulled out all the stops....not everyone was fasting, so they hosted a brunch prepared by a guy who was Donald Trump's chef. He's been cooking for the ministry to the homeless through ICLV for seven years because 'the homeless need good food to...".

The ICLV staff does EVERYTHING top notch. They carry a spirit of excellence and display servanthood as good or better than any church staff I've ever seen.

120 pastors showed up from as far away as Utah and California - they measure distance by states out their, not minutes. It rocked.

After the meeting, I had a few minutes with Paul Goulett, the senior pastor. This guy is a gem - incredibly warm and genuine. I'm glad to have him as a new friend.

We returned the rental car and parted ways at LAS, Lou and Thomas headed out on US Air and myself on Old Faithful.

Glad to be home and with my fam!

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