Omega Intensive recap...

Today marked the third full day of teaching the Omega Course to about fifty people who've come from around the world. It's been a fun group. I've learned the following....

The Blue Ridge building is the most underrated teaching space on the missions base. It's private - nothing much goes one there and more importantly, it's coffee friendly!

People are willing to talk end-times if you give them a little language and a few ideas. Since Monday morning, these people have either been listening to lecture or discussing in small groups for 14-18 hours total...and we have to flick the lights to get them to leave.

I miss teaching the same group of people repeatedly. This was the best part of pastoring for me. Arguably the only part I did half-well! It's been fun to be in front of this group a couple of times.

Thanks to Sarah Kim for her decorating skills, Ian Barker for his willingness to do whatever needs to be done, Nate Panke and Tim Cone for their great "have guitar, will travel" attitude, and Nate Rogers and Benji Nolot for sitting in and teaching a session each. Kelsey and I have enjoyed it!

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