Last night's search for a hotel took on Bethlehemic proportions as we pulled in to Ft Smith, Arkansas to find no room in the inn(s).

After a couple of "no vacancies" we found a place that said "No....uh, but wait. We do have this one room." Ok, now I have seen enough Scooby Doo episodes to see this coming a mile away, but do I run for the Mystery Machine? Nooooo. I plunk down the AmEx.

Kels and I grab the kids and haul them half asleep up to The Room, which appears to be an old manager's apartment that has been converted into the inside of a cigarette. It smelled that bad. The whole place did, really. And no smoke detectors - apparently they would have buzzed constantly from the residual smoke so they took them out.

We got a refund and kept looking. We finally found a place around 1am - an old Howard Johnsons Lodge that had been redone completely into one of the new HoJo with Mojo properties.

Next stop - home....


Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Reminds me of that one place we stayed just outside Atlanta...you know, the one they were "remodeling". I guess it was worth it to see the looks on the faces of the press as we showed up outside the 11th district court of appeals. (where you were promptly photographed talking through your tape....)

Brian Francis Hume said...

Reminds me of the time when Aneta and I had to find a place driving on route 40 across Tennessee real late at night. Finally we found a Motel 6 and had to drive around back to a separate building. As we found our comfy room, we were shocked: the door was wide open! Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive. I did call the front desk to demand an explanation to no avail. I suppose this hotel’s motto wasn’t its normal one—“We’ll leave the lights on for you”—rather, it was, ”We’ll leave the lights off for you and the door open wide!”

Greg Burnett said...

Brings some equally bad memories to mind: our clutch went out just outside of Las Vegas in the summer of '86 driving back to Texas. That was tough, getting in about 10PM on a Friday without reservations... what a nightmare!