Childhood decisions can chart your course in life.

I am working with someone on a major project right now...without making it too clear, let me say they are in their twenties and a highly professional type...fun, but completely capable of running the world without breaking a sweat.

Recently, her corporate email server went down for a short period of time and she had to give me her personal email address. I won't give the address here in full, but be aware that it contained the words "Bratty" and "Pants". Her explanation was "I've had it since I was 13 and couldn't bring myself to change it....".

I see.

Childhood decisions can chart your course in life. Choose wisely.

EDIT: Bratty Pants herself later confessed to me that she's not quite in her twenties. I can't tell you her age, but it rhymes with QWERTY. What can I say. I'm too smart to guess high. Always guess low.


Anonymous said...

After that blog I am naming you bratty pants.

High Point Though.

Great conversation starter and often takes friendships to the next level.

Joanna said...

Ah! The days of creative, cryptic emails.

Lets just say a certain someone I might be marrying in August had an email with "level the devil" in it. :-)

Ronni said...


It makes me better knowing my childhood name is duckwater.


Amanda B said...

That's awesome. I remember when I outgrew my e-mail address I got when I was thirteen... but I couldn't bear not to part with it.

Let's just say using a baby nickname as the basis of the address was a never a good idea to begin with, and it took me until I was about sixteen to figure that out.

Randy Bohlender said...

I am so old that my original address was jjrx76c@prodigy.net.

Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Email at 13???? Boy do I feel OLD. I was still trying to figure out the Commodore 64 at age 13.

Esther Irwin said...

Feel young, Kelsey... at 13 I was cleaning toilets and floors at the local Good Sam nursing home for $1.50/hour with not a thought that there would be a machine called a computer, let alone that I would be on one all the time in my later years!! Heck, we had just got black & white TV!! We thought that was pretty neat, but could only watch 1/2 hour a day. In saying that, there wasn't any shows to watch after 10pm. Oh, one more thing... I walked 10 miles to school in the snow. :)