Buy the Casa de la Bohlender!

You've read the blog and followed the renovations...
now you can own the home!

That's right - the Bohlender home is up for sale.

Go to BestHouseinRedBridge.com for all the details- and forward this to anyone you know who might be interested!

And no, we're not leaving Kansas City or IHOP. :)


Tracie Loux said...

website looks great!
I've forwarded it to one family that I know is moving into the area in June!

Esther Irwin said...

Isn't it time for another Zoe picture? :) Great pics of the house, but Zoe is cuter.

Brent said...

This is why you started blogging again! You got us all reading your blog so that you could suddenly surprise us with the selling of your house hoping that one of your readers would buy it! Nice move!

Ronni said...

wow. I hope you get your price or higher! I'd hate leaving something so beautiful after I put all that work into it! Oy!