A nut in a tree.

Yesterday afternoon, we took the kids to Loose Park for an evening picnic. We were barely finished with our Mr. Goodcents when the boys scattered to climb the evergreen trees that mark the south edge of the park.

Thus begins our drama.

Jackson decided it would be more fun to play with Zoe, so he did. Zion climbed about ten feet into one tree and hung on to the main trunk like a bear cub. Grayson took off to go where no boy had gone before...to the moon, via a treeclimb.

I didn't get too concerned when I heard "Hey Dad! Look!" and saw him at 20 ft and climbing. I think my first indication something was wrong was when I heard "uh oh", saw him at over 40 ft from terra firma, and heard something clumping it's way down through the limbs....thump, thump, thump. It was a flip flop....no boy attached (a good thing).

I then decided to go up and see how he was. I got half the distance up there and realized he was WAY FREAKIN' UP THE TREE! I went back down to advise him from the ground. He lost another flip flop. He climbed down a few feet and got stuck. For some reason, he insisted on climbing down with his back to the trunk of the tree ("When I turn around, it freaks me out, Dad."). It should be noted that every time he spoke, it was in a calm, easy tone. This would contrast with my voice at this point, which was growing more shrill by the moment.

He stayed at the 35-40ft mark for quite a long time, pondering his options (1) climb down or 2) fall). I got really worried when he announced "Dad, I'm getting tired." A tree is no place to sleep. I finally got him to circle the trunk until he found a limb he could descend to.

At one point while he was up there, I seriously thought I was going to ralph my Mr. Goodcents. I was very glad his mother had ran back to the truck for something. And I was even more glad when we got his little ten year old feet back in his shoes on the ground!


Molly Mosack said...

I like how you remained calm enough to capture the moment with your camera. Kudos!

Randy Bohlender said...

Well, I knew I'd be blogging later....

Esther Irwin said...

AACKK! I've checked your blog TWICE today!! I thought I was cured, but now I'm hooked again to check for exciting things happening so my boring life can have meaning!! Oh, the pain of my blog addiction. Are you going to have a survey soon? I'll keep checking back for responses...

*hoping no one takes this seriously*

Tracie Loux said...

I know I responded to this post days ago. I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything obscene in my comment. What, you just don't like me anymore? HMMMM?

that's all said in jest of course!