forty days hungry

Many of you know that our community is joining hundreds of thousands of other people for a forty day fast beginning May 28. I won't go into the full explanation - Lou does a fine job - but I'll share with you a little plan that Kelsey and I have cooked up.

We marked our first 40 day fast - preceding Burning Man and The Call in 2000 - with a reading schedule. Another couple joined us in reading and praying from the same passages each day. Then we'd gather in the evening, compare notes, and pray for one another.

I can honestly say I've not looked forward to a fast like this in a long time. In fact, not since that time in 2000. I have a great expectancy surrounding this. This feels both epic and intimate. I'm willing to go 40 days hungry because I'm expecting that He will answer from heaven. I'm willing to go 40 days hungry because I'm already hungry and I want Him to fill us.

This time, we're inviting you in.

I'll post our reading schedule here in a few days and you can participate however you'd like - water, juice, veggies - in regards to the fast, but read along with us every day. I'll be commenting daily on that day's passage and looking for insights from you as well. When I've got the schedule ready, download it and stick it on....uh, the refrigerator. :)

If this all is new to you, download this great set of suggestions for fasting safely. Don't be intimidated - fasting is way easier when done in a group.


Tracie Loux said...

Count us in for sure!

Ronni said...

Oh I'm so in! I was hoping to have someone local to connect with during this but hasn't happened yet... love the books idea!!! Keep me posted!

*raises bottled water in toast*

Mrs. I. said...

Sounds like a plan - thanks for sharing this with us!!

Becky said...


Don't know if it is of interest but here is a 40 day schedule that just came out from Chuck Pierce for the fast.......Bless you!

Jeremy said...

I'll join from Dallas :) Havent found many excited about this in my physical area (we in the buckle of the Bible belt like our steak), so this comes as a virtual relief to me.

Shelley Paulson said...

We're in! :D

Stephanie said...

Sorry, I'm confused. Do you all believe if you fast for 40 days the second coming will take place?

Randy Bohlender said...

Steph - no, that's not what we're saying. We are believing for a shift in culture, for righteousness to prevail in peoples' lives, and for many to find freedom in this season.

Thanks for asking for clarification!