day three...provision from the unlikeliest of places

I'm in 1 Kings 17 this morning on our reading schedule. I didn't get too far before I one of those hmmmm moments.

1 Kings 17:4
"You will drink from the brook, and I have ordered the ravens to feed you there..."

There are prophetic seasons in one's life that are marked with clear words from the Lord (earlier in the passage, Elijah announced loudly that it wasn't going to rain nor would dew accumulate until he gave the word - that's a little more than our normal 'I am doing a new thing' prophecy we're accustom to). Those prophetic seasons demand more than a bold word though- they need divine provision from unlikely sources in order to bolster our faith.

For some time, the birds would visit Elijah with Big Macs and Mcflurries. The fact that it was actually meat and bread does not make it less weird or unlikely.

I'm no Elijah (although the Word says he was a man like me...) but I had some provision from an unlikely source yesterday. It wasn't bread from a finch or tuna from a raccoon, but it was a phone call from someone who I really barely know. They'd had a dream about me - and it had some specifics in it that dovetail perfectly with something I've thought/prayed over the years.

Birds with burgers. Dovetail dreams. These are the things that prophetic seasons are made of.


Tracie Loux said...

maybe the fact that I mistakenly called "Ezekiel Bread"... "Elijah Bread" is really prophetic.... hmmmmm

I'm praying that the Lord drops bread among us all in this season- in supernatural ways!

The kids and I were stunned today to think that the raven brought bread, not just a few stalks of wheat, leaving Elijah to "make it himself", but the Lord delivered the finished product! Think on that!

Anonymous said...


I once heard Leonard Ravenhill preach that the Raven in this passage was actually an Arab and not a bird. LR said "now thats something, an Arab feeding a Jew."

At least thats the story as I remember it.