Comments on Comments

In this post, I will take a moment to respond to some of the random comments that have appeared in the past week, presented here without the constraints of context.

Tracie Loux writes:
I'm still trying to pronounce, "Spppppppppptfffffft!!!"
It's phonetic, Tracie. Sound it out.

Elizabeth Kosorski writes:

Believe it or not, I tried to email you yesterday before I realized you were blogging again. It got blocked as "spam" by some high tech filter you have. Just cause I sent it to more than one person doesn't mean it is spam.

Liz, you're totally right. It was probably the subject line: RE: FW: FW: FW: FW: LOSE WEIGHT WHILE REFINANCING YOUR HOUSE FROM HOME.

Mary Gliserman writes:
How was I supposed to know, I mean, really? Nuts are nuts and peanut BUTTER is BUTTER.

Mary, generally when a subject has a two-word description, you're going to want to pay extra close attention to that first word. Examples: Rabid dog. Loaded gun. Green eggs (and Ham). That first word can change the whole deal for you.

Esther Irwin writes:
AACKK! I've checked your blog TWICE today!! I thought I was cured, but now I'm hooked again to check for exciting things happening so my boring life can have meaning!! Oh, the pain of my blog addiction. Are you going to have a survey soon? I'll keep checking back for responses...

And you can keep checking back for those surveys. And contests. This blog will not be focus group driven. Neither will I toss trinkets to the blogstanders as if this were some bizarre electronic Mardi Gras parade. And you will continue to check the blog - two, three, yea unto four times a day in spite of the lack of these things. I will maintain this vast media empire based on simple observations of everyday life, poignant thoughts on what I see and read, and pictures of cute children. This gimmick has served me well for many years.

Over and out. Goodnight.


Jacob said...

I love ya man.

Ronni said...

HEH! *wipes coffee from monitor*

Tracie Loux said...

I did sound it out, and it sounds like I put one of those dorky nose clips on my nose like swimmers use, and sneezed!