Sunday Night Brain Dump

Unrelated thoughts...

I've noticed that the last few weeks I've faced Monday mornings thinking "well, it's a crazy week, but it's just one week and then next week it's back to normal." I think this signifies a certain amount of neurosis on my part. It never ramps down. It only ramps up. My new normal is my old crazy. My old normal doesn't even exist anymore, and my new crazy is something stratopheric...but we're making it.

Having sufficently mourned the death of my high end Palm LifeDrive, I am consoling myself by surfing eBay for the opposite end of the spectrum - just a basic Palm-based PDA that does the bare minimum for very few bucks (because that's my budget....we folded the price of the LifeDrive back into the grocery line item). I guess if I'm going to somehow wreck electronics with my hyperdrive gravitational pull, I'd best wreck cheap ones.

We enjoyed pizza with John & Tracie Loux and Tracy and Shelley Paulson a few nights ago. (Tracy, you need to blog or something to get a link....). The Paulsons were in town for a conference and we absconded with them for a few hours....a few hours too few. We dig'm.

I'm excited for my team meetings tomorrow - both FSM and the IHOP management team. The FSM meeting is always fun because it's smaller. The IHOP management team has not met for a month or so, meaning we'll do some high speed catching up, which is always interesting as well.

The Chevy Suburban is the finest passenger vehicle ever made, particularly if your reality includes four children of various sizes. There is no extra charge for this tidbit of info. Good night.

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