Sickuns: sick'-uns (noun): the members of one's family who are ill.

My house has sickuns today and I do not like it.

Kelsey is in bed, a willing victim of NyQuil, having decided that succumbing to NyQuil was a lot better than succumbing to whatever was coming down on her last night. She sounded like Sabrina Duncan greeting Charlie at the end of the show.

ZB, who valiantly fought with swords and shields all through Jackson's birthday party last night, began complaining of a tummy and ear ache. Even at five, there's quite a distance between one's tummy and ear, so it was interesting that both places hurt, but he finally fell asleep on the couch with a heating pad.

I do not like having sickuns.

Take a look at these two faces and say a prayer if you don't mind.

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Tracie Loux said...

praying for these two! yes we are!