Kelsey on the Onething Podcast

Tonight, I made a few tweaks to RandyandKelsey.com. It now includes upcoming dates, but more importantly, a link to Kelsey's recent interview for the onething Podcast.

Each week, Dwayne and Jennifer Roberts interview an IHOP leader to get their insights into various areas. Kelsey was a little nervous - but you'd never know it listening to the interview. She rocked! You can hear her wax eloquent about balancing life as a mom and an end times messenger, the value of meekness, her hope for the millennial reign, and what it's like to be married to a rock star. Ok, I think they cut that last part of the interview for time's sake.

How do I find the podcast?
Well, you can search iTunes for "onething Podcast" and subscribe, or you can go to RandyandKelsey.com. On the right sidebar, under the word "New", you can mash down on the little orange symbol and viola!, you're tuned in. You can listen to it in the browser or do a 'save as' to download the whole thing to your iPod.

I can't tell you how proud I am of Kelsey. This interview gives you just a little snippet of the person I've been priveliged to be married to for just a few months' short of eighteen years. She's a lot of brilliant and gorgeous in one package. Listening to the interview, I was reminded how I fell in love with her voice when we first met. sigh.......


Esther Irwin said...

Kelsey married to a rock star? I thought she was married to you? Sorry, I'm confused...wait, no I'm not!

Christine said...

Did you really capitalize onething in the title to this post??? What's going on?