I should be asleep.

Really, I should. I've been ready to go to sleep for about forty minutes. I finished answering emails, cleaned up my teaching notes for tomorrow, and even set my alarm.

Then someone reminded me it was time for her bottle....and you know what? As tired as I am, was the best part of my day. These last 40 minutes, just my daughter and I....it was heavenly. This little girl can reduce me to blithering idiotdom with the mere angle on her pig tails. She's that gorgeous. And that wonderful. And all ours.

Ok. Time for bed now. For real.

Thank you, God, for Zoe. And Zion. And Grayson and Jackson. Rest upon them tonight. Pour into them all that a Supreme God can put in a child's frame.

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Esther Irwin said...

Amen to that prayer! Zoe is growing so fast. Thanks for yet another wonderful picture of her. Looks like she's smiling at her daddy.