Hurry up and wait.

I am staying up a little longer than I'd like, playing a waiting game with Zoe. She will need to eat soon, and every 10 minutes she waits is 10 more minutes she'll sleep. At least that's my theory, although I should admit that my theory kicked me in the hind end last night and I paced the floor with her from 3:30am 'till 5am because she has read none of the good books on infant care.

It's a good thing she's cute.

Snow is falling just outside our window. I hear the snow plows charging by a half block down on the busy street. Sarah Masen's "The Dreamlife of Angels" is wafting through the room. If you're not familiar with her, think redeemed Dixie Chicks, with a hint of Celtic and a pinch of bluegrass. Stir well and play softly.

We met some very cool peeps tonight at a meeting where we were pitching the vision of The Daniel Academy. Why am I constantly amazed at the quality people that are drawn to IHOP? Just today I met three people who moved here in the past few months - the sorts of people that church planters would give their eye teeth for. One was a former Chicagoland tagger who radicaly came to Jesus and, in telling his parole officer of his transformation, was encouraged to go to college. He did....and graduated with a teaching degree. He's now a missionary, a dad of 3, and Jackson's math tutor.

Gotta love God's plan.

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mmm...very fond of sarah masen

i was just listening to her album the holding