An Crash Course in OTR

How many of you have read this blog and said "Wow. I wish that I could easily catch up on some of the great music that Randy rants about on his blog, but where do I start?" Well, here you go, peeps.

Mash down here and order Discount Fireworkes...the newest from Over the Rhine, just released today. It chronicles fifteen years of killer music. Not so much a discount-bin greatest hits cd as it is a primer in all things OTR so that you're caught up and hip with what the rest of us already know.

These guys rock.

And the album art? Oh yea. My peep Owen at VisualFluency. And that's why it's that good.


Esther Irwin said...

I think you should take a poll. :)

Randy Bohlender said...

Dont' make me shut off the comments, Esther.

John E. said...

YouTube has quite a few videos of Over The Rhine. The sound is not "CD-quality," but the vibe comes thru pretty well.

Marc said...

I have never heard of OTR. Are they a Christian band? What type of music is it?

Randy Bohlender said...

With apologies to Marie Osmond, they're a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. (if you have a clue what I'm talking about, give me a shout out in the comments section...)

The duet that makes the core of OTR are believers. Some of the music is directly reflective of their faith, while some is about life in general.

Josh said...

Captain Randy, I must second this nomination for awesome music. I have over a half dozen OTR albums, and like every one of them.

To add to Randy's description of OTR, I would say "folk jazz-rock", which is like the best if you like smooth yet edgy music that isn't lame-O.