Stick a fork in it.

After an extensive meeting with our expansive staff, Brent and I have decided to call off our bid for the presidential and vice presidential offices.

While we still think that we could make a better mess than anyone and that indeed, dumber things have happened, for the sake of our families, we feel it best to pull out of the race now rather than expose them to continual paparazzi coverage while taxing our volunteer base to the point of exhaustion.

At this moment, we would prefer not to talk to the press. For all of you who put up yard signs, pledged your vote or your kidney, or just cheered us on we humbly say thank you, and God bless America.

Regular blogging will now resume.


Ronni said...

Okay so what do I do with 1,000 foam fingers and 5,000 kazoos?

Anonymous said...

Quit so soon?

What are the supports in your home town, http://www.velva.net/ ,going to do to now. They had a big rally planned at the bowling alley and everything. The talk at the breakfast tables has all been about how the next "president of the USA" was gonna be from the little town in ND. They were all so proud, to know your name.

The Velva Lions, The Dakota Roughriders Saddle Club, The Aggie Booster Club, the Velva In Progress, and the Star City Senior Citizens, were all planning bake sales to raise money for you campaign.

So now I guess they are all back to talking about the "weather"....oh well. Maybe next term...we are all so sad to hear this news....Kyra

Adam said...

It is a sad day in the history of this nation

Esther Irwin said...

I thought that WAS normal blogging!! :) And I finally remembered the question I was going to ask you...were you going to make gun clubs mandantory in each State? Isn't the prospect of a gun club in every State enough to entice you back into the race?

Amanda said...

But now who's going to make a mess?

...On second thought, maybe I'd rather not know...

Michaela said...

that's a shame, I had managed to rally the entire state of Texas to your cause in those 5 days.

hope you get rid of that paparazzi problem soon.

Michaela said...

That's a shame... I thought you were well qualified to make a big ole mess. Here's a little ode to your campaign's demise