Live, from the Bohlenders, it's Friday night...

Kelsey and I attended a little birthday hullabaloo this evening. She blogged all the details while managing to drop a reference to RunDMC, but for the short of attention span, allow this to suffice. The party featured:
  • Killer food
  • Several onething rock stars
  • A Randy Bohlender look alike
  • Real Estate Mogul Wes Martin asking "Kelsey, what did they paint this trim with?!?"
That's pretty much the gist of it. I'm really not a party kind of a guy (a shocker, I know...) but this really was fun.

I got to talk to Marcus Meiers as much as I have since we met in Cincinnati in 2002, where I drove him cross town in my $1000 eBaynium Isuzu Trooper. I remember apologizing for the fact that we could see the road speeding past through numerous rust holes in the truck. I felt better when I realized that he's from Texas, though, because in Texas, this sort of thing is not the anomaly that it might be elsewhere.

This closes out our post-onething week, or onemorething week. I don't know if we all knew how tired we were. We headed for the house around 8pm if that clues you in a bit.

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