Last Night's Speech by the President

As I'm sure you've read in all the papers, the President delivered his State of the Union address last night.

It was a particularly special evening for me as the President looked directly up at me in the balcony (see photo).

This picture was taken right after I yelled "Play Freebird" and before the Capitol Police asked if I would go outside and talk with them about some things. I thought the police union was going to endorse me but the conversation kind of drifted another direction and I did not think it wise to press them at that time.

The Capitol Rotunda was absolutely crammed with tv crews doing interviews. Two of my political challengers actually ended up hogging most of the time in front of the cameras, so I was relegated to doing interviews with the B list of broadcasting.

In a series of interviews with the Gerlach, Nevada Free Press, the Milton County Junior High Paper, and the US Farm and Hog Report, I was able to stay on message and articulate our platform well. I think our supporters will be pleased and our detractors will be mortified.

Thanks for all your support yesterday as we launched this campaign..and it's still not too late to post a sign on your blog declaring your support.

Some time later today I'll be posting a few more of my novel ideas for running the country. Until then, remember, together we can make a mess.

Randy Bohlender
Candidate for President.


Sean The Red said...


I would like to know your position on ethanol and its applications. Do you like it? How much do you drink a week, and do you think there should be an age limit? Perhaps it shouldnt even be regulated by the government?

I must let you know our whole endorsement of your candidacy rides on how candid you really are.

Brent Steeno said...

Can I be your running mate? Remember you once said I was more electable then Sam Brownback.

caleb vaughn said...

Can i be the "graphics guy"?
You know, if your a few sponsers short, give a logo and a slogan and eureka! instant endorsement.

Ronni said...

Randy, I'd really like to know what you are planning to do about the mass epidemic of lost socks. I'm concerned that the sock gnomes might try to take over entire laundry rooms across the nation and something must be done about it!

...Sorry laundry day.

Brent Steeno said...

So...my offer still stands. I am willing to jump on with you as your vice president. I have had some offers but I believe you are the one.

Anonymous said...

Randy (or should I say Mr President),

I see Mr Steeno has offered his services as Vice President. Well...I believe you need to look towards drawing in the more mature AARP set. And for that very reason I too offer my services as your next Vice President. Reverend Bob has been making a mess with our Senior community for many years. Reverend Bob has a very strong following and base with the blue haired set. What does youth offer you in this critical role of Vice President? Energy? Vision? Good Looks?...who needs that! Go with a man of God who still has most of his own teeth and starts work at 4:00am in the morning! Please consider this humble suggestion...

Everyones Favorite Guy (next to you of course),

The Most Reverend Bob

Adam said...

I want to see the photo of the Prez lookin at ya. Where is it at?