I'm back.

OK, so much for my pledge to blog through Christmas and Onething. It wasn't for lack for intent or material, this I can assure you. To bring you up to speed quickly, I will offer you the highlights of Onething in bullet form and bullet speed, then resume blogging as normal.

1. God.tv + onething = good.thing.
Jono Hall the mediamiester and our tech team rocked - working long hours with substandard pay and clueless volunteers to produce an amazing tv experience. I hope you caught it because it looked fantastic. Whooohooo for HD cameras, sez I.

2. Nick Loux
Picture this....1 AM, our hotel room. Our family and the Loux family eating everything we can find because we're so stinking hungry. Nick absentmindedly ate every piece of cheese on the cheese and crackers tray and announces "Uh oh. I am a bad person....".

3. Kelsey the Amazing
Who ELSE rocked a breakout session AND fixed her family rice and chicken for dinner in a hotel room? That would be my girl.

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