OK, I started wondering a little bit about this iPhone yesterday...yes, it's gorgeous, but does it really do much that we couldn't already do? Is it a Mensa member or just a pretty face in the Chemistry lab?

I'm leaning toward pretty face. For instance, according to this article, it will not do the following:
  • Voice Memos
  • iChat
  • Record video
  • Open Word or Excel documents
  • Sync with Outlook
  • Operate underwater
Other than the underwater thing, which I really don't need, I can already do all those things with gadgets that I own and did not need to get financing for. I think I'll do without it for a while...

I wonder if they'll have a tough time keeping the buzz up when people realize it's a pretty presentation of same-ole same ol.


Josh Motlong said...

mmm... I like me some shattering of hopes, dreams, and expectations. I even heard that 2 months after you get the iPhone, it turns into man-kryptonite and eats your soul.

Anonymous said...

i think you mistook the iPhone for a Zune, josh...

Josh Motlong said...

Oh picklejuice and noodlebake, you're right.