I grout, therefore, I am

I spent the afternoon at the 'Pot with my new friend, Bruce. We were shopping for windows....thirteen of them, to be exact. We're putting new windows in the house. By that, I mean Bruce is putting new windows in our house, but I got to participate by being there when they rang up the bill.

Bruce moved here from Telluride, Colorado. It is perhaps the first time a rational person has ever done so without extradition being involved. In Telluride, he was a construction superintendent on multi million dollar homes being built by Trust Funders from California. He came to IHOP to pray. He puts in windows and things like that to support his prayer habit. I like Bruce.

This evening, I grouted the tile in the kitchen. If you have never grouted (and you should), it's just a matter of smearing wet sandy junk all over your previously clean tile. There are a few more details, but if you get that much, you get the bulk of it.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to sneak into my office at 6am, make a pot of coffee, and study. We start teaching the Simeon internship the Omega course tomorrow, so I'll teach at 10am and then come home to face my grout mistakes of tonight.

In unrelated thoughts, if you do not subscribe to the Onething Podcast, smack yourself in the head with a hammer. Then subscribe. The recent video podcast (whoohooo - what will they think of next) kicks bigtime. It's a 30 minute worship set from the Onething conference. The production is off the charts - made me proud to be an IHOPer (where at least I know I'm free...).

Around minute 18 of the podcast, the 10k+ people sing/yelling How far will you let me go? How abondon will you let me be? is flat phenomenal, even if I don't know what the heck Hey-a-ya, Hey-a-ya means. The last third of the podcast is Onething at it's best. And of course, you've got His Timness on the guitar, which is always cool. (Shout out to Tim Cone, 21 on Wednesday!).

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Ronni said...

.... and I'll proudly Stand UP... and sing along with Misty... oh... well Lee Greenwood would be upset right about now.....

I blame it on the coffee.

Love the podcast btw. ;)