The Gun Club Meets...

After a long week off due to onething, the Gun Club is regrouping in the morning for coffee and baloney. We order the coffee. The baloney just sort of appears.

I can't tell you exactly, but we must be nearing the Gun Club's first anniversary. After a full year, I am the only charter member left. Others have been transfered to other Gun Clubs or have a work schedule that prohibits them from running and gunning with us.

I love the Gun Club for it's familiarity. Between three and six guys gather, drink coffee and tell stories. After a full year, we've all told our stories six or eight times, but we still listen like we've never heard them before.

I think what we need to do is combine our stories into one giant uber-story. I wonder what the ultimate Gun Club story would be....
This one time at Burning Man, I was putting some 24 inch wheels on my brother's Chevelle when I inadvertently set my pants on fire with a nasty mix of lighter fluid, carpet adhesive, and duct tape. Once I found some new pants, we all went moose hunting in an IHOP shuttle and while we were gone, our kids decided to paint the dog (red) for charity. It was very cool.

I just saved you a year's worth of meetings. No charge.


Kelsey Bohlender said...

It makes me envision a few old men staring at cold coffee while sitting at the truck stop in Jamestown, ND. The conversation overheard, "Way-ell....", "yep....", "I oughtta...."

Randy Bohlender said...

"You betcha."

Oh yeah, we refer to our trucks as "She" too. "She nearly got stuck in the snowbank but I yanked her back up on the blacktop at the last minute...".