The Bible, in Playmobil...

Our boys love Playmobil because they're useful for so much more than their intended design. If you need proof, I offer the following photos - Biblical scenes created by the boys with the items at hand. Click on any for an up close view.

The Four Horses of the book of Revelation.

The strange item in the hand of the rider of the black horse is, of course, a make-shift scale. Playmobil is decidedly lacking in apocalyptic accessories.

Obviously, Gideon, having already slain the Midianites.

Grayson was the director on this shot, and I believe truly captured it in all it's glory and gore. I never really thought of Gideon as a red head, although I'm not sure why.

David & Goliath

Zion's handiwork. I asked him about the beer mug in David's hand, and he explained he couldn't find a sling. Apparently, if you're lacking a sling, a good 16 oz. beer mug will slay giants. Or make you feel 10 feet tall.

Peter Whacking the Ear of the Soldier in the Garden

As you can see, the soldier was pretty fortified, although it's arguable that Peter was as well (if he followed David's example with the 16 oz. beer mug).

I like the color in this shot; particularly the yellow of the plume on the soldier's headgear.

These two are a set of sorts; "The Passion of the Playmobil", if you will.

The first one is a reenactment of the Last Supper, per Grayson's imagination. Frankly, I like how he's got them seated all around the table rather than all on one side like you see so often. Just seems more natural.

Below you will find Jesus washing the disciples feet. As you know, they put up a bit of a fuss at the beginning, but apparently once they got the hang of it, they all stood in line for their chance.

One final shot - Zion's rendition of Jesus returning to Jerusalem, banner in hand.

It all comes down to eschatology for ZB. Even Playmobil. I'm laughing typing this, knowing how nervous it probably makes some of you. Perhaps we should encourage them to watch tv so they'd live more balanced lives. Ha!


Joyska said...

okay, i don't normally comment, but I must say that these pictures are the most creative use of playmobil i've ever seen! (and i've worked with the little types for years!)

It's good to see that your creativity is being passed on to the next generation, and your eschatology as well!

Anonymous said...

dan davis (a pastor in austin, tx) once told me the best definition of balance that he ever heard. he said it is "being extreme in all directions." thus said- what could be more balanced than playmobil and eschatology?

zack's mom

Tracie Loux said...

Well worth blogging about!

Tracie Loux said...

A couple additional thoughts:

1. I think RED is a perfectly acceptable color for Gideon's hair. Makes totally sense to me!

2. I think these boys are on to something, perhaps they could be part of your teaching entourage, to help in reaching your the visual learners! (let them put an endtimes power point together for you with visual cues!)

Anonymous said...

I'm from Canada and have never heard of Playmobil, being much more familiar with Lego - and I also happened upon a Lego telling of the Bible which you may enjoy. :) www.thebricktestament.com - my only criticism is that the God figure looks like He's permanently angry. :(