Shoot up a prayer for the Peanut

ZB is 5 and an amazing combination of sensory artist and bare chested pirate-wannabee.

Our Peanut will have a mole removed from the back of his head on Friday morning. Please be in prayer for the little guy. The removal itself is not that bad, but the shots to deaden the area can be a real bear.

His mommy has promised him lunch anywhere he wants once it's finished. At bedtime Zion was leaning here. She was not amused. It could be worse though.

photo by Shelley Paulson

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Mrs. I said...

You're right, it could be worse! We took our daughter to Chuck E. Cheese for her 1st birthday. My husband said he would never darken that doorway again......and, he didn't!

Praying for Zion that all goes well and that the procedure won't be traumatic for him (or his parents!)

Hoping everyone enjoys their lunch!