RIP BLACKBERRY 7100t Sept-Dec 2006

Is it my imagination or do I go through gadgets like a third world country goes through governments? My eBaynium Blackerium suddenly started crashing, going through the battery in 12 hrs, and generally acting funky. Fortunately I still had a RAZR on the shelf that I intended on selling...

Anyone else have this trouble?

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Esther Irwin said...

YES! My husband can break any computer or software program you put in front of him. He's not allowed to touch mine anymore. Truely! Companies have sent him beta software so they can fix all their program problems. Then he ends up writing their manuals - which he is really good at.

We both have iMate KJAM phones and his won't work properly but mine works fine doing the same function he's trying to do.

Maybe it's a bloke thing?