I hear voices. And I like them.

Every night, when I get up to feed Zoe, I hear voices. I don't have faces to put to the voices, but I have grown to recognize them...their cadence, their tone, and the weight of their words.

I started hearing the voices when we started streaming the prayer room all night. My powerbook sits on the kitchen counter and all night long, the refrigerator, the dishwasher and the coffee pot join in intercession along with the IHOP nightwatch. I have reason to believe the microwave is not a believer and am working out my theology on this.

All that to say, I love hearing the voices.

I say: Go IHOP NIGHTWATCH! You guys make all the difference for a very tired dad heating up a bottle for a little girl. I love hearing worship leaders who choose to play at times like 4am. I love hearing intercessors cry out for the community surrounding IHOP, driving back darkness in a real way. I love that this army is young and full of options, yet they choose to do this.

Thanks for living this radical, nocturnal, fasted lifestyle. It matters.

Even to the microwave.


Isaac Bennett said...

I don't think microwaves have the capacity in their inner man to recieve truth. I mean, everything about them says small and convenient.

Zack Hensley said...

Thanks Randy! Friday when I prayer lead the 4am I'll see if I can get a rapid fire going for your microwave!

Liz said...

This is a great post, Randy. I emailed it to our 2 Nightwatch Section Leaders here in ATL. They'll love it, even though we don't have a live stream here yet!