Warning: Gusher Alert

Steven Levitt wrote the bestseller Freakonomics. It's an analytical look at all sorts of things and a great fun read if you like numbers and asking questions when you hear statistics thrown around. It questions everything.

All this is why I was surprised to read him fawning so lavishly over Barak Obama. Repeatedly, Levitt admits he cares nothing for politics, but says:
If he has the same effect on others as he does on me, you are looking at a future president.
Well, we've been warned. If not in 08, then surely in 12, we are going to be steamrolled by someone as likeable as Bubba, as smart as Algore, and as multiculturally disarming as Tiger Woods. This guy will be hard to beat.


Kristen said...

Did you know that Oprah also fawns over him (big surprise)? The guy has it wrapped up.

Randy Bohlender said...

If he chooses Oprah as a running mate, our collective gooses are cooked.