Troublemaking 101

In a moment of brilliance, I interupted someone today...someone who is, shall we say, rather easily distracted...while they were sitting in the prayer room. I said "hey, when you get a chance, check out this game....", knowing full well what would happen.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT check out this game. Never in the history of the internet has there been a game this dangerous. It will swallow chunks of your time and leave you with nothing to show for it. You have been warned: Do not play this game.

You guessed it, within 10 minutes they were hooked, and thirty minutes later they were back in a side room, computer in their lap, completely sucked in. Time for stage two.

I began sending random people into the room to ask "Have you seen my copy of 'The Power of a Focused Life'?" It took the victim two visitors before he put two and two together.

Bwahahahahahahaha. Reminder - do NOT play this game.


Gayle C said...

That game is the internet version of "How to keep an idiot busy". What's worse is, it kept me busy.
Thanks a lot!

tracieloux said...

you've already hooked our boys on this game. I haven't tired it, but they seem thoroughly amused by it!

john, the funny one, says "I played this game. I gave my guy a guitar, and he sings, 'I Walk the Line', as he blazes through my mountainous creations."

Randy Bohlender said...

Gayle, did I not TELL you not to play the game??!?!!

Gayle c said...

Yea, but all idiots, including myself, can't help but do exactly what they are told not to do! It's in the idiot handbook of which I apparantly have read thoroughly. It could also possibly be some leftover teenage rebellion.

Todd said...

Since Eric got hooked on this game he has spread the virus throughout the midwest. First to me, then to our pastor friend, and now to a couple railroaders here in North Platte, NE. Once they show this game to their co-workers at UPRR, thousands of $$$$$ will be lost.
Actually they will just switch from Texas hold'em to "this game."

Brent Steeno said...

In all honesty things were going great yesterday until that little game entered my world.

By the time my E12 group was over my little guy had completed 4 big jumps, a flip while on the ground and a 360 in the air.


You got me yesterday Randy but I will get my revenge!

The power of a focused life thing was funny. At first I thought Ian was being really stinking wierd. But as soon as sliker came in the room, I knew it was you!

Nathan said...

Glad to see IHOP people are human too. My current gaming addiction is Zuma.


Ian said...

Don't worry Brent, I was just as confused as you were.

Randy Bohlender said...

Did I mention names? Noooooo.