There are giants among us....

This afternoon we attended the memorial service for Charli & Ali Martin, twin girls who were born with severe difficulties. Charli lived five days, Ali lived another eleven. In order to tell their story, Charli & Ali's parents, Wes and Amanda Martin, produced a phenomenal fifteen minute video.

I cannot begin to describe how profound it was to hear them talk frankly of their loss, and yet insist that we look at the miracle they had - rare days with their gorgeous little girls - rather than the potential lost when the girls passed away. Even in the death of their children, the Martins were seeing life through lenses of grace. They are truly amazing people.

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shawn blanc said...

Amen, Randy. That was one of the most exceptional memorial services I've ever been to. Instead of mouring their loss I felt like they imparted strength and thankfulness. It was amazing.