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OE had quite the little kingdom encounter last night. Around 10pm, she was growing increasinly cranky as I was giving her a bottle...not the "hey, this bottle is late" or "there's a little pile o' something waiting in my pampers" cranky, but the "make a pot of coffee, this is going to be a doozy" sort of cranky. Kelsey had been napping and came out to see what all the commotion was about.

Even Kelsey couldn't console her. It should be noted that she adores her momma and when momma can't fix it, it is officially a problem. Kelsey tried changing positions, with binky, no binky, bounce, walk, talk and sing, all to no avail. In quiet tones we started using those words no parent wants to think about (particularly with the clock nearing 11pm): Urgent Care.

We decided that before we'd do that, we'd pray for her. Go figure. You'd think we'd have thought of that before we thought of Urgent Care, but behind this stainless steel intercessory missionary uniform, we are essentially as short sighted as the rest of the world.

Kelsey held Zoe on the couch while I stood and prayed over her...that the Spirit that had calmed her so well in the tumultous hours after her birth would invade her life and touch her body. Within minutes, we noticed a subtle change. The cry was different...and more sporadic. Sensing there was something very real going on, I continued to pray.

Within ten minutes she became silent...so silent that I asked Kelsey if Zoe had fallen asleep. Kelsey replied "Nope. I see nothing but eyeballs....". She hadn't dozed off - in fact, she was wide awake and completely calm. Go God!

For those of you who are wanting a photo update, it's going to have to wait. Our digital camera went kablooie.


summersetstudio said...

I wonder if she was seeing angels with those eyeballs...

ps. You'll have an abundance of photos soon! ;-)

Jason said...

man, my wife and I were just talking about this very thing last night and how we want to be quicker to believe in the power of God when it comes to our children. this is very encouraging and confirming! He is all powerful, even in calming cryign babies! Wow! Praise Him!

Randy Bohlender said...

Whooohooo, Shelley! :-)

All others - Check out her link, filed under Peeps at the right. She rocks! If you've seen a photo of me that did not look goofy, she took it.