eBaynium arrivium

A package arrived in the mail yesterday...a 250gb external hard drive that I'd ordered on eBay.

In all my years of using computers, I've never owned a backup hard drive. This explains why I've lost some serious junk in a couple of major crashes...I finally had enough and took the plunge.

This HD is a hoss....I just finished backing up my entire Powerbook. I'll still have room for Kels' iBook and Jackson's MacBook. If I can find the right adapter, I'll also back up the refrigerator, my leaf blower, and anything else that I can USB into it.

Also arrived - a present for Jackson, along with the Fed Ex guy announcing both it's arrival and contents in a loud voice. Read all about it. Warning: post contains threats of violence by an otherwise rational woman.

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shawn blanc said...

That reminds me; I need to backup the kitchen sink.