We discovered that Zoe's new crib had a major crack in the front of it, so I started this morning off by disassembling it (not as hard as it sounds) hauling the front piece back to where we bought it. They swapped it out no questions asked. When the crack is staring right at you, there aren't a lot of questions left.

I had to force myself to use the Montero, which is now being referred to as "The Little Truck." it was the Big Truck until the other day. Funny how things change.

I dig this Suburban. This afternoon, I peeled off the tacky silver pinstripe, leaving the truck in complete black-out mode. While I still think of it as the Johnny Cash Tour Bus, several people have taken a look at it and flatly announced "Secret Service". I think I'm going to start driving it crazy-fast and parking whever the heck I want and see if anyone else falls for it.


shawn blanc said...

You'd really be able to pull it off if you kept some facial scruff, and a dried up bloody cut on your forehead. All this with a tuxedo outfit that looks like you wore it last night and have been in 3 fights since then.

Nathan said...

This only works if you change your name to Jack Bauer.