Steve Urkel Lives

Everyone makes a mistake once in a while, right?

In what could be the Steve Urkel 'Did I do that?' of a lifetime, Casino developer Steve Wynn (note identical first name) poked his elbow through a $139 million Picasso.

Ouch. That will seriously affect his homeowner's insurance premiums.


Retro said...

Ouch! That really hurts - I'm cringing all the way from Philly.

shawn blanc said...

Steve Urkel was rich wasn't he? I'm sure it's fine.

John Evans said...

Mr. Wynn seemed to have some useful perspective when talking to the New Yorker: “My feeling was, It’s a picture, it’s my picture, we’ll fix it. Nobody got sick or died. It’s a picture. It took Picasso five hours to paint it.”