The Royal Order of the Gun Club

The Royal Order of the Gun Club met this morning at our agreed upon, undisclosed location. It's been a long time since all the ol' six shooters were in the same display case.

Since our last meeting, we have been dispersed to Las Vegas, Disneyland, Alaska, Peculiar and parts beyond. We've been separated by the coniving cabal of constraints that life puts on men with stuff to do. It felt good to sit by the fake fire and sip a cup of the dark murky stuff that makes morning bearable.

The primary discussion of the Gun Club centered on one of our member's construction project, namely his conversion of an old shed in his back yard into a sort of Garaj Mahal. What started out as bare walls and floor now sports drywall, hardwood, lights, and still no bathroom. It's an exotic ice fishing house with no frozen lake....a Man Shed for those times when a man just needs no companionship.

All told, it was good to be among the bretheren - as always. The barrista seems to have made the adjustment to our meetings being held on Thursdays, the coffee is still good, the conversation vibrant, the advice flows freely as well as the grace to ignore it. Time with the Gun Club is time well spent.


Adam from the east said...

Oh how I miss the days of the gun club. As an honorary lifetime member, it is good to know the tradition stands strong. Thought about starting an east coast branch, but the fear of numerous men showing up with shotguns and hunting rifles demanding to shoot real stuff and me not being able to produce the correct enviroment for such actions has made me shy away from it. And then there is always the guy who shows up with bow and feels out of place...what do ya tell him?

Alaska1 said...

That guy with a bow would only inspre those with rifles to ascend to the level of manhood as the rest of the bowhunters and evoke machismo in all.

Nothing like a good cup of java among good friends.