Oh Baby!!!!

It is a monumental day.

We found out today that our baby girl is waiting for us in Las Vegas! She's 5lb, 14 oz, 18 inches long and is of mixed race. Nurses tell us she looks very hispanic - which is exactly what Kelsey's dream was long ago. We leave tomorrow to get her.

This is a shameless appeal - seriously, I have no shame in this - we need funds fast. Our adoption fund is $7,000-$10000 short and we will need the money on Monday at the latest. The first friend we called to tell about it gave us his frequent flyer tickets that 'just arrived in the mail', so we know God's timing is perfect.

Can you help? The donate button is on the right, or you can email me at rbohlender (at) gmail.com if you'd prefer to do it another way, but we need it and we need it fast.

Viva Las Vegas!


Ronni said...

I'm so broke but I'm praying! It's all I have to offer at this point! God 11:59 is approaching!

Congrats mom and dad!

sean said...

You don't know me, but congrat's anyway. That's great

Elizabeth said...

Oh Baby is right! We are all doing the happy dance round the office for you guys! Yay! I'm so stinkin excited!YAY!

Alaska1 said...

God Bless you all!! We cant wait to hear more..like her name, on and on.


Grayson said...

I get a sister! Yahoo!