Eye Opening Tuesday

Eye Opener Number 1:
1pm, my crowded office, Marketing team meeting. With assistant, 2 designers, outgoing marketing coordinator and incoming marketing coordinator present, I make a reference to The Waltons. First one, then another - eventually all of them - admit they've never, ever seen The Waltons. One asks "Wasn't it like Little House on the Prairie?" I am a fossil.

Eye Opener Number 2:
3pm, the cell phone, Kelsey on the other end. She announces "This Suburban is the bomb!" Why? "Because I'm on my way home from Costco where I dropped $200 on groceries and it barely made a dent in the space in the back of the truck."


Scott Bonnell said...

Funny... like day i was meeting with some singles form our church and one of them remarked how the loved the 80;s so i launched into some 80 stories and asked her fascination with the 80's she replied i was born in 1980... move over fossil man!

shawn blanc said...

eye opener #3 - By outgoing marketing coordinator you weren't talking about personality type?

Alaska1 said...

Ok try to follow me..

Living in Alaska, we had and stil do a 1973 Explorer Motor Home. We called it The Fossil. It was a great motorhome and many fond memories.

As for The bomb, my heart begins to race when I think of how much big game could fit in it AND gear!!

Esther Irwin said...

I read this blog to my 15 yo who asked,
who's Randy?
Jackson's dad
oh. Jackson's pretty cool. is that Zoe's dad?
any more pictures?

night John boy.

Molly said...

Be encouraged Randy. I, unlike most people of my age, grew up watching the Waltons...much to my parents coercion. So no worries, you are not a fossil.