downtime sunday....

After getting yesterday morning, we we spent the day alternately napping. This was not energy-replenishing napping, but simple surival mode after the all night airplane ride from Hades.

We had the best of intentions to be in church this morning. In fact, I was scheduled to do announcements...around 6am I realized that I could be hauled into court for crimes of inhumanity to my family if I did what would have to be done to get them all out the door and to church on time. Around 9am I called the game off, phoned in a fill-in for announcements, and went back to bed. We slept another hour and then spent the day laying low (except for Kelsey, who's job as Mother of Four necessitated a grocery run.

Tomorrow, I'm back at it though.

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shawn blanc said...

see you in the PR good buddy! How long till you guys start pacing with zoe?