What a difference a door makes....

The Today Show had it all wrong with their tagline "What a difference a day makes....". It's not the day that makes the difference, it's a door.

I now have a door.

You kind of have to understand IHOP to realize what an amazing thing this is. Offices - particularly solitary offices - are hard to come by. I have been working out of a cube for a year, and a meager cube that that. It was fun to shout wisecracks across the cube at those working in my area, but it was horrible for actually getting work done. Answering email became a group activity. Working a spreadsheet? Almost impossible. And heaven help the fool who's trying to write in there, with three sets of computer speakers blasting out tinny renditions of three different styles of music.

All this shifted recently in a flurry of two by fours and drywall. My cube was obliterated in the Office Destruction Act of 2006. The resulting shuffle of office space (not unlike those little tile games where you move squares around to make a smiley face appear) meant that some people moved to new offices while someone (that would be me) scored an older one. I took it and was happy.

Now that I see the new ones, I'm elated. The older one, even with it's frightful green and brown paint job, is infinetely superior to the new ones. I have a window. I have a counter/top desk. And I have a door. Oh, blessed door, thou swingeth on hinges, too and fro. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I also have plenty of plug ins, a couple of leather chairs, and because no one else spoke up, a pretty killer Brother printer. I will now be a picture of creativity and productivity. Because I can shut the door.

Uh, I guess I'd better get to work.


Joanna said...

Congrats Randy! I know how offices are hard to come by. That and storage space. We're constantly battling being able to even GET to our desks in the onething office... we have two small closets (one in FMG and the other at FSM) We're still on the hunt for a larger space WITH storage right there!

So maybe in a few more years? :-)

shawn Blanc said...

You have a door? I'm lucky to have a lamp.

Do you still have the "Simply Studly" cover hanging somewhere? Whoever thought of that thing was pure genius.