thoughts on God's extravagance...

The free market has hard wired us to associate value with supply and demand.

In our earthly lives, value is determined by availability. There is not much gold in the earth, so it is deemed a precious metal. This is why we use it to make jewelry rather than build houses with it. Dirt, on the other hand, is found everywhere, and in many places you can have as much as you want simply for hauling it away. Gold is hard to find. Dirt accumulates. Gold is priceless, dirt is...well, where did you think the phrase dirt cheap came from?

Here’s the paradox….love, as described by Paul the Apostle, is vast and inexhaustible, yet innately, we realize it is the most valuable thing – I Corinthians records it as a commodity greater than either hope or faith. How can it be both freely available and priceless?

Only God could orchestrate a relationship in which there is plenty of that which is most valuable.

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