stray thought

I think I want to do the Rob Bell thing and go on preacher-rock-star tour. I wonder if Steve Sjo. still has that big deisel...maybe he could be my driver. We could go town to town...speak in only the coolest clubs.*

I am officially soliciting names for the tour. And corporate sponsorship. Because something tells me t-shirt concession are going to be sorta puny. Leave your suggestions in the comment section/tip jar.

*this is, of course, all a joke....but I really would like to speak in those venues.


Andy said...

Bro, you need to get some hair and then bleach it before you can do the whole Rob Bell thing.

Otherwise, I think it's foolproof, and I'll sign up - even if it's just to see you with bleach blond hair ;-)

John Evans said...

Did you catch the nice NYT write-up in July?

GregB said...


Sorry to say I'll miss the Omega intensive in Tenn this weekend, though I just saw the Mills and Macarthurs head out with their interns in tow! I told them I want them coming back ready to teach (no pressure!) :)

Bless you, friend. I was looking forward to being with you guys...