Good Morning from our SUV

Dear Mr. Dunn and Mr. Dunn,

I write this message while balancing my computer on my knees, sitting in my truck outside your coffee shop. This was not my intention.

You see, I have a 7am appointment inside your coffee shop, and figured that I'd come about 30 minutes early to spend some quality time with the coffee before having to break the silence and talk about who knows what with the church planters who have sought me out (and what a sorry lot they must be for doing so....). I cannot adequately express how disheartened I was to discover that your shop does not open until 7am on Saturdays.

What kind of a coffee shop doesn't open until 7am? Do you not understand that the very nature of coffee drinkers is to be up early? This is crazy.

The rebel in me wants to walk across the parking lot to the Phillips 66 station and get one of those 99 cent cups of swill and come back to drink it on your patio in rebellion. The coffee snob in me tells me to sit and wait in hopes that you're serving Organic Peru again this morning, in which case I will forget all transgressions.

Twenty minutes....twenty minutes......

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