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Kelsey came with me to the 6am this morning, and enroute talk drifted to someone who'd recently been in the news. "Weren't they married to ________", I asked? Turns out they were. That got me thinking about how sad a world it is where those that we'd wish we could call roll models have been married four times and are the first to admit they don't know jack about relationships.

With that on my brain, I found my place in the prayer room and opened to the book of Proverbs. Chapter 24, verses 3 & 4 jumped off the page at me.

By wisdom a house is built / and through understanding it is established

through knowledge its rooms are filled / with rare and beautiful treasure

It's always a delight when truth is also good poetry. I love the rhythm of those two verses. The cadence in which I hear 'rare and beautiful treasure' has stuck in my heart.

Making a life together...marriage and family...really does reflect the process of building a house and outfitting for life. I've been in some homes that were beautiful on the outside and yet had been decorated horribly. I've seen others built under tenuous circumstances, yet quite cozy inside. Even in redecorating this kitchen of ours, I've seen how the best of intentions can go awry if you don't think every step through. (Can you say 'fridge water line'? :) )

The thing I am doing that will have the longest range impact right now is building my house. Determining my foundational stones. Selecting where I'll put the doors. Deciding which way I want the picture window to face.

Even more importantly, God has given me rooms to furnish. Rooms with names. Rooms with dirt on their faces and fashionably shaggy hair. Rooms with souls. It's my hearts prayer that I furnish each of those rooms with rare and beautiful treasure.

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shawn Blanc said...

That thought really scares me as a man who will have kids of my own one day. I will be given charge over an eternal soul. I will have responsibility to lead and instruct someone that will live forever.

Also, thanks for validating the Biblical foundation for my amazing fasion and decor design sense.