A Blatant Rip Off

Every once in a while, I've done one of those "who are you?" appeals and generally have gotten nowhere, which leads me to beleive that four of you are checking this blog fifty times a day. Yesterday, however, the good Reverend Hodge did the same thing and got a great response, so I am assuming it's my approach that's failing.

In true creative fashion, I am ripping his post off word for word, for my own purposes.

Pretend I look like Scott. Pretend the picture is mine and I wrote the words below, then respond by giving me your who and where, no matter if I know you or not. (plagurizing begins now...)


Ok, I need everyone's help with this because I'm finding myself intrigued by how many people are visiting my blog on a regular basis. You people are from all over the world!!

I'm dying to know who you are and where you're from.

So please, do me a favor. Leave a comment with your name and where you're from.

C'mon, humor me! I am really interested!

If it worked for Scott....it can work for me.


Anonymous said...

John Paul Fullerton
College Station, Texas

Shelley Paulson said...

Shelley Paulson
Buffalo, Minnesota
...but you already knew that! :D

scott hodge said...

I'm not sure if I should be angry or honored about this... :)

Scott Hodge
Lead Pastor - Orchard Valley Community Church
Aurora, ILs

Andy said...

Andy Hailstone
Fort Mill, South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Tim Jackson
Paris, California

Anonymous said...

Name: Stuart Taylor

Location: Kansas City

I am From: Long Beach, California.

Love the originality of the Blog, you are following C.S. Lewis's advice: Focus on being orignial and you will fail, simply try to be yourself and you will most likely be original.

Ronni said...

You already know. :P

Ronni Hall, Dayton Ohio

Anonymous said...

Name: Kyndra Turnbull
(Met Jackson briefly in DC)
From: Atlanta, GA
(Friend of Liz)

Anonymous said...

I are Reverend Bob from Seattle Washington. I found your Blog through Professor Mills possum promoting, tomato plant exalting site.

All True, except the Reverend part:)

Anonymous said...

anita hensley
phoenix, az

the "other" Sarah said...

I'm Sarah [lastnameanonymousontheinternet].

Currently from KC. Formerly from Tacoma, WA; little town in Oregon; Central Cali.

Found your blog when Rusty & Jen (Cincy HOP) mentioned it in their update letter.

ken said...

in KC or ACTUALLY in Chicago 4 hr. DELAY not layover on my way to Alaska then back to KC

Ken :)

david kays said...

David Kays aka Capt Wasabi
Franklinville, NY near Buffalo NY;
met you at a Cinn. Vineyard Weekend Intensive

Zack said...

Zack Hensley
IHOP staff nightwatch
Kansas City
Believe it or not my Mom in Phoenix
found out about this blog, told me
about it, and now I read regulary!

Jee said...

Jee Shin
Commack, New York
My fav post was the one about the guy who videotaped himself dancing in all those diff. countries.

I don't read everything, i have ADD, so I was just wondering whats up with all the gun talk? I'm from NYC guns are scary here. :P

Scott Hodge said...

I don't know if I should be angry or honored. :)

Scott Hodge
The Orchard
Aurora, IL

Keep up the great bloggin'...

seanhughley said...

Sean Hughley
From Cedar Rapids Iowa

shawn Blanc said...

I had to pay 20 bones to get my name in the linkage and now you want me to leave comments too? sheesh. But hey, I'l humor you. Us short guys gotta stick together...

Shawn Blanc
St. Catherine's Gardens

shawn Blanc said...

P.S. Don't feel bad about ripping off scott's post. The most creative people don't borrow they steal. And Jee - we need a link to your blog. "We" here, meaning me.

Anonymous said...

Harv...Winnipeg, Canada

Anonymous said...

Cathy Karayanis
(Brian Creary's sister)
Englewood, NJ

Anonymous said...

Jason Parks from Sanctuary House of Prayer in Winnipeg Canada.

Gayle C said...

Gayle Campion.... Sup cous!
Olathe,Ks formerly of Seattle,WA and Vancouver, WA

Steve S said...


I'm steve in the UK. I've been reading for a long time, though almost solely through bloglines, and so I rarely stop by, well, I can't say in person, but you get the drift.

Interesting and stimulating stuff to read -


Anonymous said...

darrah dean gooden
dallas, tx

eric wright said...

Eric Wright

Originally from Dayton, Ohio...lived in KC for a few years planting a church in Pleasant Hill...back in Dayton at the Vineyard.

I met you 2 1/2 years ago at the SE Conference. You gave a great presentation about the Burning Man...which I wouldn't mind doing sometime.

Anonymous said...

Nicole - Gainesville, VA - I found your blog through Jenny Powell's and Kristi Walsh's sites. I used to live in KC myself and thank you for sharing with all of us. It makes me miss the good ol' days at the "HOP".

John said...

John Evans -- nr. Bowie, Maryland.
a.k.a. Astro-homie, "Krakatoa" gifter, and regular reader since July 2005 (when I did a Google search for "Christians Burning Man").

Anonymous said...

Holly Rake, Santa Clarita, California. Found your blog while doing a google search for IHOP MP3's. (well, you asked!!) Been coming back almost daily ever since. I even listened to all of your messages (and Kelsey's), and then recommended them to others out here in the desert :) I like the humor very much (i.e. - "no wunnda..."). I REALLY REALLY like to hear your spiritual insights when you post them. Thanks for sharing your heart with others.

John Baw said...

Name: John Baw
Location: The rock of Gibraltar, Europe.
Spiel: You got an ebible.com invite off from me. Got your blog added on my RSS agregator - have been a daily, fanatical, compulsive, obsessive, wake-up-at-4am-just-to-check-your-blog type of reader.

Great stuff Randy - give us this day our daily post.

Anonymous said...

Kyra Hanrahan

from Berthold, North Dakota.

The postcard of rural North Dakota....

GregB said...

Greg Burnett
Ft. Mill, SC

I pop over here to read up at least once a day... my 'Bohlender fix'.

javamamma said...

Pastoring with hubby in Farm Country, Nebraska

not nearly at witty as the tiniest of bohlenders but an avid reader of each one. found ya through a mutual friend.

Anonymous said...

mike utech

Jennifer said...

jenny powell
big "bohlender family" fan

(that's a big fan... not big family)

Anonymous said...

Shelah Deans
Orange County, CA

Hey, we might know some of the same peeps...I go to VCC (vinyard church in Laguna Niguel).

My mom (Holly) fwd-ed your weblink so I could listn to the teachings. Well, in short, I found your blog and read through it laughing all the way. =) I called my mom to tell her one of your funny stories and came to find out, she had been reading it too! So I guess it's official, we're blog geeks...reading complete stranger's blogs...what is my life coming to??? ha! =)

Thanks for making your good times known to man.

Uber_Tech said...


Fremont Cali in da house!

Frank said...

My name is Frank. I'm just a guy from Los Angeles who thinks you're pretty good at being reflective and hilarious all at the same time. I Googled "IHOP" one day and happened upon your blog. Now it's bookmarked.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Schmidt
Missions & Outreach
Big Church in Ohio :)

Met you at the SE Intensive at VCC-Cincy & immediately joined your "fan club" - you & your family fascinate, amuse, confound, uplift, and inspire me- and more than once your "little" boys have made me ashamed of my own petty bland safe white-bread robotic "slap a smile on my face and praise the Lord" brand of suburban Christianity.

Thanks for that - and for all the kooky links from your blog- you are my morning MUST READ! I will admit, following your family I feel a bit like a stalker, but in a nice neighborly way- looking forward to the "new addition" and enjoying the remodeling project...from afar....

kristi said...

kristi from Baltimore
found you when looking for info on my friends, the van Ommens (Robin and Bianca at IHOP) one time, and visit periodically to get IHOP news. thanks!

Sam Lufi said...

Sam from Kingsport, Tennessee (though sometimes I am checking from Wynnewood, PA - just down the street from Overbrook high where Will Smith learned to rap (or not)).

Rocky said...

Hi, Joel from the UK. Andy White said I should check out your blog so I did.

Matthew said...

Matt Siemer, Cincinnati, OH