another hour at the table

We sat at the table much longer than we thought we would last night...lingering over pizza and salad with friends, even as six boys (three of ours, three of theirs) ran through house in all their chaotic glory.

Somewhere around 9pm, I muttered something about getting our boys home and in bed. This, of course, was a ruse. It had nothing to do with the boys. My alarm goes off at 4:50am, so I was more concerned with myself than our guys....but still. An hour passed in a minute, and we were still talking. Still laughing. Still asking "how can we pray for you guys?"

It was good. No, it was great. It was great to completely lose an hour in the company of people who know us, who honestly do give a rip, and - even though we may not spend every other Tuesday night in their living room bowing to the idol of Intentional Christian Community - would go to the mat for us in a heartbeat, as would we for them.

I'm revamping my thoughts on community. I think this makes the fourth rendition in as many years. Right now, it feels like community is being almost fully understood (I don't think any of us are entirely understood by another human trapped in the time/space web as are). Community feels like being understood to the point where one can mutter a verbal shorthand and still communicate. Community feels like not having to tell the whole story if you don't have the energy. Community feels like spending the extra hour with the pizza boxes betwixt us, laughing loudly over the roar of the children....& going home feeling known.

It feels like an extra hour well-spent.

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Sean The Red said...


When I came out last time in July, that was one of the words God put in me. The purpose of the church isnt to gather together. Although we certainly should, thre is much too much garbage about HOW and WHEN and WHY involving the gathering part.

I am in agreement with you totally. While I dont like gathering certain ways, the gathering itself becomes so much of an idol. The Church IS, and far too much importance has been placed on "intentional community" or "relational community" as if that is actually the goal. I love relationship, I like gathering etc.. but people are simply forgetting the main thing about BEING the Church....together or individually.

I could go on and on about this. Im just os happy to hear it outside my own head.