a night to remember.

Kelsey said a lot of what I'm feeling, so I'll just blog what I saw....click on the photos to see'm up close and big.

One highlight she did not mention was the oddball auction, where you could pay to see Allen Hood deliver a pizza, Lenny LaGuardia cook you breakfast, or take ownership of photos of Dwayne Roberts and I...with hair (D had quite the mullett).

Allen's auction morphed a little to the point that you may be surprised when and where he delivers. Lenny's grew to include Derek Loux in an Elvis suit. At one point, it got so squirrelly that Derek was actually bidding to see himself in an Elvis suit. The confusion around that drove the bidding up to $800. I am not exaggerating.

The Venue
The room was big...and empty, to start with. It quickly filled up with 130+ people. The vibe was great, thanks to Shawn Blanc's tunes. Big heap thanks to he and Anna for being there and being such fun. Now go give the guy a few bucks for a phone.

T2: The Axemen Cometh.
IHOP guitar czars Tim Cone & Tim Reimer were out in full force. Shout outs to Tim Reimer for making a coffee run to the Broadway Cafe. You guys are right. That stuff rocks.

Steeno on Cake
Brent "Bring on the Teens" Steeno, indicating by a show of fingers exactly how many pieces of cake he has had to go get for KJ. I am not buying it.

Two great smiles.
Kelsey and her walking buddy, Linda Hackett. Linda is also IHOP's latest grandma. No kidding. And Kels looked so fine!

Yours truly hanging with Doug and Deanna, owners of The Hidden Thickett in Grandview. The created the most phenomenal floral arrangements, of which I have zero photos. Oh well. Photos wouldn't have done them justice anyway.

Todd Laughry, sporting a playa hat and a custom t-shirt imprinted with a photo of Kelsey and I from...1996?!?! I looked like I stole Bill Cosby's sweater....

For reasons clear to none of us, Seth Parks showed up wearing a bad rug. You laugh, but he made it work for him. His doting wife, Erin, stayed right by his side. This is love, friends.

I am somewhere beyond tired, and completely overwhelmed at the goodness of God, who blew out my "best case scenerio goal" by about double. Thanks to all who gave so graciously and served so hard tonight. We love you very much. Thank you for embracing the spirit of adoption.


Brent Steeno said...

Ok. I admit it. That cake was not for Kj but for me. That was probably the best cake I have had in a long time. What a way to break the Global Bride Groom Fast. Anyways, it was a great night Randy. I had a blast and am so excited to see and hear what a blessing it was. I can not wait to see the pizza delivery. We should have put a date on it, like next week!

Shawn Blanc said...

Randy - Last night was a blast. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

Liz said...

Uggggggggghhhhhhhh. I REALLY wish I could've been there. Want to have one in Atlanta too? ;)

Randy Bohlender said...

I don't have 130 friends in Atlanta...