kelsey's on a roll

I'm sitting in the back of FSM classroom 5, listening to Kelsey teach her second breakout of the day, this one on 'Cultivating a Prophetic Lifestyle'. She is teaching like someone who is not terribly concerned about being invited back. :) I love it.

My favorite quote so far (paraphrased): "So, you were looking for a Level II Prophetic Course, then go lay on your side and cook your dinner over excrement. That's the Level II prophetic course. Maybe we should just master the sermon on the mount first, huh folks?"

Watch for the mp3 on randyandkelsey.com in a day or so.


Kelsey Bohlender said...

That wasn't exactly what I said (but close). And it's much more fun to preach like that than to worry about what everyone thinks, for crying out loud.

Kari said...

I love her! Truly a prophetic messanger. Skip the fluff talk, add a little excrement talk. Amazing.

Ducky said...

That was an awesome breakout! Looking forward to the MP3.