It doesn't get much better...

Life doesn't get much better than being towed on a boogie board by your big brother while the family goes on a sundown walk along the beach. ZB got the royal treatment from Jackson as we all went for a hike.

Lessons of the day:

  • Little boys wake up early.
  • 13 year old boys will sleep until forced to move.
  • It is possible, in short order, to bury your rented Grand Marquis to the rear axle in the sands of New Smyrna Beach, forcing one to rely on the kindness of Jeep driving strangers and their two rachet straps to yank you back onto the hard part of the beach.
That's all I'm sayin'.


Eric said...

I will refer to you as Mr Favor from now on. Even Jeep guys seem to like you. Thats great, but I was hoping that you would of called me to come and pull ya out. I totally would of loaded the fam and said Guys were on a mission.

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Eric - we needed you Dude! It was the perfecy scene - the Grampa car stuck in the sand 100 feet from a surfing contest and these tattooed guys helping the pitiful family. I'm sure we gave them great conversation starters for the night!

Alaska1 said...

It might be all YOU are sayin..but not me ;)