Happy as a clam...

Why is this man smiling? Because he's happy as a clam to be working with Pamela Lucas again, even if only on one event. Pamela was one of a trio of uber-assistants that I had at the Cincy Vineyard, and my first ever real live paid staff person. Even back then she was smart as a whip and big fun to work with.

Here we are, a few laps around the sun later. I'm doing a wedding for some friends and she's directing the whole shebang, with excellence as usual. Note the clipboard in her hand, complete with highlighted handouts and little stars (mine is red, so I know where to stand...)

The rehearsal tonight was as if we'd never missed a beat.

She asked "How do you want to run this?"

I said "Just like the old days. Tell me what to do, where to stand and when to start talking."

Good to see you, Pammy!

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