Oh man. I'm sitting in the prayer room, where today's 6am meeting is dedicated to praying for the marketplace. Each week, we focus on one Christian businessperson, praying for God's hand on their lives.

Today, the gentleman they are praying for is from Israel, where he owns (I am not making this up) a "Texas Minigolf and Deli". When they announce this, we all chuckle at the thought of it. I leaned over to Dan Dodd, Assistant Events Commando, and ask "I wonder if it's kosher?"

"Of course...it's in Israel." He replies.

I say, "Not the Deli - the golf course."

Without missing a beat, Dan says "It depends on how you slice it."

This is, in all likelihood, the worst joke I have heard in some time. My respect for Dan has now skyrocketed.


Shawn Blanc said...

I half expected the guy to stand up wearing a yamika and a belt-buckle with his name on it.

Sean The Red said...

That man deserves a candy bar for having a wit that quick. WOW. Hes almost at your level.

I was thinking about my question as I was making breakfast

"Randy, is using chicken sausage in an omlette violating the levitcal requirement not to cook a kid in its mothers milk?"

To which you replied in mid walk from the basement to the living room over your shoulder

"You cant prove they even knew each other!"

Perhaps the most eloquent and quick witty comment I have ever seen, until now.

I remain humbled. At least until lunch.