Crank up the Wayback Machine...

I was going through some old photos tonight and found this beauty. Ain't he a doll? Of course, he's thirteen now, but back then he must have been about nine, and pretty stinkin' happy about something. Hi Jackson!

And why was I searching through photos? To come up with my end of the auction block for Wednesday night's Adoption Benefit dinner. Yes, race fans, you will be able to procure photos of myself and Dwayne Roberts...with hair. We've got a few more surprises for you too - and some killer food and tunes!

See you at Californos!

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Jackson said...

I was happy because I got my second hermit crab in a row for my 8th birthday. The crab died a few weeks later, but I won't go into that. It was a very traumatic experience that lead to me buying goldfish, which turned out like little Hermie.